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Black Lotus 

Author and activist Sil Lai Abrams was born to a Chinese immigrant mother and a white American father. Out of her family, Sil Lai was the only one with a tousle of wild curls and brown skin. When she asked about her darker complexion, she was given vague answers. At fourteen, the man she knew her entire life as her birth-father divulged that Abrams was not his biological child, but instead the daughter of a man of African descent who didn’t know she existed.


This shocking news sparked a quest for healing that would take her down the painful road to reclaim her identity despite the overt racism in her community and her own internalized racism and self-hatred. Abrams struggled with depression, abuse and an addiction that nearly destroyed her. But eventually she would leave behind the shame over her birthright and move toward a celebration of her blackness.


In BLACK LOTUS, Abrams takes you on her odyssey filled with extreme highs and lows and the complexities of not only the black experience, but also the human one. This vivid story reexamines everything you think you know about racial identity while affirming the ability of the human spirit to triumph over tragedy. Ultimately, BLACK LOTUS shines a light on the transformative power of truth and self-acceptance, and the importance of defining your personal identity on your own terms.

No More Drama

Are you tired of struggling through a drama-filled existence? Are you ready to stop pretending that everything is okay when it s really not? If so, No More Drama will help you discover how to create a joyous and meaningful life! In this compelling book, empowerment specialist Sil Lai Abrams shows how you can transform your personal breakdowns into courageous breakthroughs by using the nine basic principles of the Self Empowerment Principles In Action process (or SEPIA for short). Using nothing more than a pen and a piece of paper, SEPIA s simple method of self inquiry empowers you to radically change your perspective on life, yourself, and others one clear step at a time. Artfully blending spiritual teachings with heart-wrenching personal stories, No More Drama vividly illustrates a revolutionary new way of thinking that will enable you to stop surviving from crisis to crisis and start living a drama-free and purpose-driven life. If you have ever struggled with feeling powerless and victimized, No More Drama and its nine step SEPIA process can help eliminate the drama from your life and empower you to create an authentic and inspired reality!

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